Revive Her Drive Review

So you’d like to learn more about Revive Her Drive…huh?

Wow, I hardly know where to begin with this one. To start with, let me just say that Revive Her Drive is a full blown ecourse, NOT just an ebook. And Susan Bratton (the author/creator) is an absolute gem when it comes to helping us guys understand our women.

Susan Bratton was kind enough to give full access to the Revive Her Drive course…so I’m writing this review based entirely on my own personal review of the actual product.

So What is Revive Her Drive?

Revive Her Drive is a course for men (geared specifically for married men, but work for any man wanting to spice up his free-presentationsexual life). In a nutshell, Revive Her Drive helps men understand women, and teaches them how to turn on that “sexual” switch again – the one she had back when you were dating. Many married couples find themselves hitting a plateau in their marriage…and Revive Her Drive helps men find that “fun” in marriage again.

What is Inside Revive Her Drive?

This will blow you away. Here is what I saw when I logged into the members area:

First, the starting point:

Revive Her Drive Fast Path Guide

Then, the Core ebooks for Revive Her Drive:

Four Elements of Revival

Relationship Values

Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?

Stealth Turn Around Tricks

12 Revive Her Drive Program Audio and eBooks:

4 Keys to Seduction by Dr. Patti Taylor

Sexual Sticking Points by David Van Arrick

Seduction Integrity by Karen Brody

Life Long Passion by Alex Allman

Erotic Communication by Adam Gilad

Masterful Lover Manifesto by David Shade

Alpha Masculinity by Carlos Xuma

Dance of Polarity by Christian Hudson

Erotic Adventures by Tallulah Sulisimages (17)

Secret Arousal Maps by Sheri Winston

Ejaculatory Choice by Destin Gerek

Sustaining Attraction by John Alanis

Revive Her Drive Solution Anthologies:

Audio Solution Anthology: 21 Deadly Mistakes Guys In Relationship Make

Audio Solution Anthology: Seductive Sexuality

eBook Solution Anthology: Overcoming Resistance

eBook Solution Anthology: Surrender & Trust

Unadvertised Bonuses of Revive Her Drive:

eBook Solution Anthology: Marital Passion

Audio Solution Anthology: Fear of Missing Out

Revive Her Drive Teleseminars:

images (16)Teleseminar #1 Fast Path To Pleasure: How To Get What You Need Sexually

Teleseminar #2 Fast Path To Passion: Q&A How To Apply Revive Her Drive To Your Specific Situation

Revive Her Drive – Monthly Interviews: (Check Back Each Month To See the Next One)

As a member of Revive Her Drive – Every month you get more help, more information, more ways to awaken your woman’s sexuality and create that passionate relationship you both deserve. You’ll find these conversations are delivered to you with uncannily perfect timing to get the support you need as you slowly open her to her birthright of being a sexy, affectionate, playful woman. Your monthly subscription of Revive Her Drive ensures you full access to each of these incredibly candid, valuable, spot-on dialogues full of actionable ideas you can use immediately.

Month #1 – Otto Collins

“Trust, Honesty and Listening” A Dialog with Otto Collinsimages (7)

How to talk to her about your needs while protecting yourself from drama, stonewalling or anger.

Month #2 – Morty Lefkoe

“Identifying and Changing Her Limiting Beliefs About Sex” with Morty Lefkoe

Is it time to update what she believes to 21st Century conscious, open, sexually positive thinking? Learn how you can help your woman overcome negative family programming, societal guilt, religious shame and other limiting beliefs about sex.

Month #3 – Calle Zorro

“3 Steps To Help Your Wife Access And Express Her Sexuality” with Calle Zorro.

Turn the tables and watch as your wife magically begins to pursue YOU with these simple techniques that leverage natural human behavior. Find out how to dismantle her non-sexual perspective and to plant the seeds of sexual expression so she blossoms into the woman of your dreams. All inside Revive Her Drive.

Month #4 – Dr. Deborah Metzger

“How You Can Support Her In Fixing Sexual Health Issues That Prevent Intimacy” with Dr. Deborah Metzger

Low libido, menopause, endometriosis, vaginal pain, hysterectomy, inability to orgasm, low blood pressure, chronic pain and even semen allergies can all be cured or managed so that health problems no longer stand in the way of your sensual intimacy. Inside Revive Her Drive, Dr. Deb reveals all the cures and gives guys hope that it’s possible to overcome these body-based issues and get to fabulous lovemaking.

As you can see, the Revive Her Drive Course is not short on content and value!

Who Is Revive Her Drive For?

Revive Her Drive is designed for the marriage man that is frustrated by the lack of sexual intimacy in a marriage…or if you are feeling like you’ve hit a wall in the marriage and you want to go further…but can’t figure out how. Susan Bratton is an expert with this stuff, and she leads you through it all.

Do any of these describe you?

images (6)Feel like a STUCK because you don’t feel IN CONTROL of when, how often and what KIND of intimacy you’ll get?

Confused that your intimate relations went downhill and no matter how you tempt her, it seems to make the situation worse?

As humans, we all require attention and touch to thrive. The more we are touched, the more we feel the pleasure from being touched — the more we flourish.

Are you one of those lucky guys who has passion so you want ALL the most powerful strategies to make it MIND-BLOWING when you go all the way?

Or would you like to learn..?

What 4 simple things you must give her so she can desire, even crave you as an intimate partner again.

How lovingly she will surrender her body to you, once you give her the 3 things she fundamentally needs to JUST LET GO.

The fastest way to generate plenty of satisfying, sensual connection that makes her “fall in lust” with you all over again.

How to make it SAFE for her to be a little loose, shameless, even animalistic with you.

Why she’ll eagerly start touching you, stroking you, fondling you again… trying to entice YOU between the sheets.

How you can produce irresistible physical connections so powerful HER BODY WILL BE UNABLE TO RESIST YOU, when you use subtle ‘psycho-emotional’ approaches your woman will absolutely adore.

If you found yourself nodding your head…saying YES, PLEASE – I WANT ALL THAT! – Then this is probably a good course for you right now.

Does Revive Her Drive Work?

The short answer is yes…and there are lots of testimonies to back it up.

Here are just a few:

“…and my wife says thank you also :)

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU… even though I’m only about half way thru all the material, it’s already helping tremendously… and my wife says thank you also :) While I knew some of it, it was a great reminder and then there were things I didn’t realize I (we) were doing that was ruining things… we were stuck in that viscous circle and was keeping us stuck there with HOW I was communicating with her. Anyway, things are much better and continuing to improve, even during what most would consider a stressful time (we just moved far from all family and friends)… so thanks again :) — Jesse, California


My challenge is I have the same movie going on every week or every other week and sometimes feel it is really not worth the trouble for the woeful return I get – which is basically a quickie!! This is the FIRST TIME I have ever discussed this! The WHOLE LOT was an “AHA!” moment!! All of your work struck a lingering chord with me and initially created even more self doubt! I am successful in every other part of my life except this one part and yes my wife of 25 years had a good part to play in it! But I’m a born romantic and even though I get offers from others on a weekly basis – I believe in vows and milking what I have now rather than whats in the next green field!! The feature of Revive Her Drive I liked the most was that it helped me UNDERSTAND MYSELF BETTER!! Men, READ IT MANY TIMES BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS WORK and you will see and feel the research and experience that has went into it – Susan – Wish I had met you a few years ago – choosing the right woman is wey most important, if you dont want a lifetime of trying to cure someone else and being VERY PATIENT because you get to love your own dick so much! I wholeheartedly recommend Revive Her Drive YES YES YES! It has PULLED ME OUT OF A LIVING, feeling, thinking COMA!

— Name Withheld, United Kingdom

From A Women’s Perspective!

“First I’ll say that I am the woman in the relationship and when I came across Susan Bratton’s materials I was instantly intrigued. As I sat reading the manuals I thought, “Wow, she knows exactly what is going on in my head!” She completely got me and I instantly felt safe, seen and eager to engage more in the process. It gave me the confidence to open up the dialogue with my partner of 10 years. He was very open and also excited to change something in our sexual/romantic relationship. The dialogue alone has already opened more doors than we have been able to access in years. We are both dedicated to following Susan’s suggestions and learning more from her. Thanks for the boost of confidence and the new dynamic in my relationship. I couldn’t be more happy!”

— DJ, San Francisco, CA

So What’s The Final Verdict?

Should you buy or not?

Without a doubt, this course is well worth your time and money. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that even if you think everything is okay in your marriage, you would still do well to get this course. One of the things I loved the most about this course is the emails that Susan sends out to the members on a weekly basis..covering user submitted questions, and then provides her answers…or solutions. And coming from a woman, this information is invaluable!

So if you’re in a marriage or relationship and would like to spice things up a bit…then do yourself a favor and get this course today, it will change your life…and dramatically improve your sexual inimacy with your spouse or special someone.

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My Honest Revive Her Drive Review

Hey, Dave here,

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Revive Her Drive.

Note that this a review though, if you’re looking for Revive Her Drive Official Website Please Click Here.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about buying Revive Her Drive, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.